Posted by: kerrywills | September 28, 2018

Opinions don’t make progress; visions do

I have been involved with several initiatives in my career which have had components with various successes and failures. I was discussing this with a colleagues and we came to the conclusion that the primary contributor in these scenarios was having a leader with a clear vision of the work.

One initiative I was on several years ago at a prior company which had several workstreams. A few of the workstreams which were successful had strong leaders with a clear view of what they wanted to accomplish and how to get there. There were also workstreams which were not as successful as a result of not having clarity of scope, approach or direction. These other initiatives had leaders who definitely had opinions and who were engaged, but didn’t necessarily have a clear vision for the work. This was a good case study since the initiative involved a lot of the same team members and organizations with the primary difference being the leaders running the initiatives.


So, it is not enough to just have opinions. Initiatives need a clear vision and a leader with the ability to articulate it and rally people around it.


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