Posted by: kerrywills | June 20, 2014

Guinea or Mali?

I came across some world flags the other day, and being the PM zealot that I am I couldn’t help but notice the flags of Guinea and Mali.  The Guinea Flag goes red, yellow and green but Mali goes green, yellow, and red.



So the way I see it, Guinea looks like a project that started in red and is trending to green whereas Mali has started in green and is trending worse.Of course there is the more common scenario of the Mayo flag where the project is going well (green) and then jumps right into red skipping over yellow.


So we must always ask ourselves which flag we would have if our project was a country? If it is Mali or Mayo then we have work to do to bring our status back to green and to have happy citizens in our country.



  1. Hi Kerry,

    It depends if your main language is read from left to right or from right to left. By the way, The red and the green are the colors of the Portuguese flag. Portugal colonized much of West Africa during its golden years, so that might explain having the red and the green.

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