Posted by: kerrywills | October 11, 2013

Embracing My OCD: I Love Whiteboards

As my second post in the series of “embracing my OCD” I need to talk about my office whiteboard. I use this as a ‘visual dashboard’ to track key progress and action items and then stare at it all day. There are several ways that I use it…

  • A different color for each project to show milestones, risks and issues – I went to Staples and bought every color they had so I have quite a selection to pick from
  • I have been known to use a ruler to draw straight lines to box in different metrics
  • I use a 3-level system for action items where each item has a box next to it – a blank box is for “not started”, a partial filled box for “in progress” and a full box for “complete” – although given my OCD, once something is complete I rewrite the entire board so there really are only two levels
  • I leave space for drawing diagrams during meetings as I am a visual person who needs to see pictures
  • It entertains the kids when they come into work with me

Show your work

I find myself checking in to my whiteboard several times during the day to make sure I have the right actions and am making progress on each of them. It also comes in handy during meetings. If I could, I would make my entire office out of whiteboard surfaces and then I would truly be in heaven (or maybe just dizzy from the smell of the markers all day). Although I think if I worry about actions any more, I might have a room filled with white walls….but the walls would be made of padding and not whiteboards…and my jacket would only have one sleeve.

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