Book: Essential Skills

On June 1st 2010, my first book on Project Management was published.  Here is the information:

Project managers are increasingly taking on more than just managing plans and direct reports, they fill a consultative role requiring skills for facilitation, negotiation, and relationship management. They must be experts at planning and diligence, building and fostering relationships, and effective communication. This book identifies the challenges facing Project Managers today and explores ways to master the skills needed to succeed in the current business environment. It covers how to manage project complexity and stakeholders through diligent planning and management, building and fostering relationships, taking a consultative approach, managing information, and leading the team. The book also supplements the key points with figures and 26 cases from Project Management professionals.

1. Background

2. Changing Project Landscape
2.1 Overview and highlight trends (reduce cost, increased complexity, need for additional rigor, changing workforce)
2.2 Reduce Cost: Outsourcing
2.3 Reduce Cost: Shared Services
2.4 Increased Complexity: More Technology Layers
2.5 Increased Complexity: Enterprise Focus
2.6 Increased Complexity: Third Party Vendor
2.7 Additional Rigor: Demand Management and Governance
2.8 Additional Rigor: Process and Tools
2.9 Changing Workforce: Specialized Resources
2.10 Changing Workforce: Mobile Resources
2.11 Summary of Impacts

3 The New Project Management Skills
3.1 Overview
3.2 Additional Rigor
__3.2.1 Diligent Project Planning
__3.2.2 Use a Standard Methodology for Delivery
__3.2.3 Use Resources Intelligently
__3.2.4 Diligent Project Management
__3.2.5 Use Metrics Appropriately
__3.2.6 Improve Competencies
3.3 Consultative Approach
__3.3.1 Relationship Focus
__3.3.2 Influencing
__3.3.3 Self Management
__3.3.4 Political Savvy
3.4 Managing Information
__3.4.1 Proper Communications Planning
__3.4.2 Gathering Information: Visibility
__3.4.3 Presenting and Sharing Information
3.5 Leading the Team
__3.5.1 Motivating Team Members
__3.5.2 Empower the Team
__3.5.3 Be a Champion for the Team
__3.5.4 Handling Conflicts and Difficult People

4. Summary
4.1 Tying It All Together
4.2 Summary of Techniques and Skills

The book can be purchased at several sites:
CRC Press
Barnes and Noble


  1. Looks like a great book Kerry! How can I get a signed copy? 🙂

    • Steve – I will probably try to set up some signings. Do you think SNEC would be willing to host one as a pre-event?

  2. Hi Kerry, I’d be happy to ask. There are a few options we could explore. Would you be interested in presenting at an upcoming chapter meeting, and perhaps offering a copy or two as a raffle prize? You might also want to consider having a presence at our annual Conference or even advertising in our newsletter or website.

    I’m available Monday if you’d like to chat.

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