Posted by: kerrywills | January 29, 2016

Team basketball

My ten year old son plays travel basketball and they are about 25 games into the season and had only won one game. Despite the losses he loves to play and had a six game scoring streak going into this last weekend. His team was up by three points with a few minutes left and he had the ball and was driving it towards the basket. He got close enough to put up a good shot but instead, as the defense collapsed in on him, made a great pass to an open player who was able to make an easy shot which put them up enough to earn their second win. After the game he told me that he would rather win the game than extend his scoring streak.


This is exactly the mindset that we should have with our project teams. Similar to team basketball, a project team has multiple people working on their positions trying to achieve milestones (baskets). It is not about any one individual excelling if the rest of the team fails and they all lose the game. So as Project Managers we need to understand all of the players, their jobs and do what we can to make the team successful. This means sometimes we have to trust our team members to be there for us, sometimes we have to pass it to the open player and sometimes we have to take the ball in ourselves to score (yes that means doing some work). The point is that managing projects, like basketball, is a team game that requires cooperation, trust and partnership.

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