Posted by: kerrywills | May 18, 2018

Baghdad Bob

I remember watching the war in Iraq when I was younger (the first time we invaded in 2003). I also remember an Iraqi official who would come onto television and proclaim how Iraq was winning the war and had no problems. Meanwhile, everything behind him seemed to be on fire. This person was nicknamed “Baghdad Bob.”


This is not meant to be a political post so much as to point out that we oftentimes work with our own “Baghdad Bob” counterparts. These are people who tell senior management that everything is fine and that they are being successful, but just like  with our friend, Bob, if you look closer you see everything is on fire.

So, the lesson is to be honest with the status of our programs so we can get help if we need it. Because if we ignore our real problems, everything may be in ashes by the time we acknowledge them.


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