Posted by: kerrywills | September 21, 2018

Formula for Transparency

For those who follow this blog or read my books, you know I am a big proponent of transparency. This means insight into progress, risks and upcoming planning to ensure successful delivery. I would put forward the following formula..

Structure + Methodology + Diligence = Transparency


  • First, there needs to be clarity of structure. This includes how work is organized, aligned and reported on which could be based on scope, value or organizational boundaries.
  • Second, a methodology needs to be put in place that organized the key program elements into the structure and provides an approach for how to represent them. This means aligning financials, milestones, value, dependencies, risks and status to the structure.
  • Lastly, there needs to be diligence in updating the tools and techniques laid out in the methodology. This means that team members need to update authoritative sources of information for the work. This is really important because having the right structure and tools is worthless if these items are not updated.

The structure organizes the work which then gets highlighted through the various tools and updated through the team members. The end result is transparency into progress across many dimensions and organized in a logical construct.



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