Book: Enduring


The size and complexity of technology programs is growing as technology evolves and as companies are investing more to sustain their business strategies. This increase in complexity has caused programs to become very expensive and to span durations of many years. In order for these programs to last for the elongated duration of their lifespan, they need to be set up properly and with the appropriate structure. This book uses the Parthenon as a metaphor for properly setting up enduring programs. The Parthenon is a standing symbol of longevity which has survived nearly 2,500 years because of its solid structure. This book is organized around the Parthenon construct with a foundation, supporting pillars and an overarching ceiling. The targeted audience for this book is for program delivery professionals who are interested in setting up longstanding programs or evolving their current programs and wants a reference guide on the key areas to set up and considerations to plan for.



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