Posted by: kerrywills | November 14, 2014

Picking my Fantasy Team

It’s basketball season again and time to get my fantasy basketball team. In Fantasy Basketball, you win by having the team who does the best across ten categories (points, steals, blocks, rebounds, etc). The best strategy is to find players who can excel in many of these statistics at once and not just one specialized skill. For example, Chris Paul does well with points, shooting %, assists and steals.

Select the right players

Select the right players

I think that this should be the same strategy for picking our team members.For example, there may be a team member who is an expert in one area (say, one part of the business or a particular tool) but they can not do much more for the team. Instead, I look for more ‘utility’ team members who can manage plans, create presentations, present to management AND negotiate with the business.  I find that these people can be dropped into any role and will figure out how to structure it, derive a plan, execute that plan and communicate to various stakeholders.

So, when picking team members, don’t just look for the specific skills associated to the role – look for people who can play many roles. They will help you to create the right ‘fantasy project team’.


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