Posted by: kerrywills | August 24, 2018

Good leadership is contagious….so is bad leadership

I truly believe that good leadership can be contagious. By this I mean that a good leader can inspire people, articulate a vision and motivate them. People see this and want to join teams of good leaders, which is why it can be contagious. Generally, organizations with great leaders have very little turnover.


On the other hand, poor leadership can have the opposite result. People tend to run away from these leaders which spirals those organizations into chaos, confusion and ultimately failure. These things then perpetuate as more people leave and have low morale.

I have seen really ugly programs have high retention rates because of the leader running it. I have also seen really exciting programs lose top talent because of poor leadership. So in the end, it is not just about the work so much who are leaders running the work and how they are perceived by people. So, strive to be a good leader and the talent will follow you!



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