Posted by: kerrywills | December 17, 2010

Printer etiquette and annoyances

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about eMail etiquette, and now that we are all eMail savvy, it is only fair to also blog about printer etiquette and things that annoy me. Here are some of my thoughts for those that want to listen or share in my world…

  • Do not print a 200 page document and then leave it to run without checking up on it. Inevitably what will happen is that the printer will run out of paper, and lock up along with all of the items in queue. By the time I stop by, it is 20 minutes backed up because no one checked on their papers and now it became my problem to fix
  • Why do people create presentations with entire pages of background color and white text? Each page costs $2 worth of ink and nobody reads it anyways
  • I especially enjoy the pile of stuff sent to the printer that nobody picks up. Didn’t your parents teach you to clean up after yourselves? I usually pick up the entire pile and throw it in the recycling bin thinking that if someone needed it then they should have already picked it up
  • Why can I never find the paper jam? The printer usually gives me a letter/number to look for and after pulling out the drawers, moving the levers, lifting the rollers I usually still have a 50% chance of never finding it
  • I have never found the “any” key. This is what the printer says in the rare occasion when you do find the jam – “please press any key to continue”

I know the jam is here somewhere

People need to recognize that printers are shared with the community and need lots of love to keep working! If you liked this post, then please print it and leave it by your local printer for others to enjoy.


  1. nice work keep it up.

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