Posted by: kerrywills | August 5, 2016

Literary Styles

Summer time means summer reading for my children, who are both in Middle School. I was helping my daughter with her book report which was looking for insights on the author’s writing style. This got me thinking of the way that people “narrate” their views in meetings and in their interactions with other people. There are a few types of styles….

  • First Person  – Uses “I” in their interactions. “My plan says XYZ” or “I own ABC.”
  • Second Person – Uses “You” to explain their views. “You gave me the direction to do this” or “Your plan said..”
  • Third Person – Uses “he” or “she”. “He said to do ABC”


The problem with first person is that it makes everything about the person speaking and they do not come across as a team player. Second and Third person seem to push the accountability to someone else. Therefore, I propose using “We” in interactions for many reasons…

  • It suggests being on the same team
  • It suggests accountability
  • It does not alienate someone

So please think about this in your narrations…or your story may not end the way you were hoping it would.



  1. Interesting. I use we a lot when I’m talking in group settings or leading a meeting but the other day someone called me out for being uncertain of whose responsibility something was because I said we.

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