Posted by: kerrywills | August 12, 2016

Following the Rules

A few weeks ago I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my family. We got to the hotel around noon and were informed that check in was at 3:30. I have traveled a lot and usually the hotels check to see if a room is ready if you arrive early and let you go in early but not this one. They did not even look but rather told us to wait until 3:30. So we wound up waiting in the lobby with our luggage for two hours. Even at 3:25 they would not entertain me.

Since I had the time to contemplate, I was thinking about the use of rules like this. Rules are important and set boundaries and expectations for people but I am a big fan of the  “spirit” of the law as opposed to the “letter” of the law. I know that approach leaves things open to interpretation, but in this example, eve88u  n though check in is at 3:30 if there was a room available then that would have been exceptional customer service.


In our own jobs we should understand the rules but then look to see how we can interpret them best to meet (or even exceed) the needs of our customers. A few possible instances include…

  • Support organizations focusing on gathering information from existing sources instead of pushing out different forms and mandating them
  • If a meeting agenda is determined but a more important conversation arises, changing the topic as appropriate
  • Extending deadlines where a better quality outcome can arise from a small delay

So the point is to be flexible and focus on the outcomes and quality and not always the “rules.” Ummm I think I just defined another rule with that sentence….well there goes the credibility of this argument.


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