Posted by: kerrywills | July 27, 2018

Meetings…and the Three Little Bears

It seems like all companies LOVE meetings since most of our days are filled with them. The ultimate example of this is the offsite. As I write this, my current project has five coming up in the next few weeks. Now I love a good offsite as much as the next guy, but I think there has to be some control over the number of people who attend them. Usually, as agendas get created people start stating all of the other people who need to attend and then the session starts getting out of control.


In my view, there are a few considerations when determining the number of people who should attend…

  1. Cost – The more people, the more const that is incurred
  2. Logistics – With many people it becomes hard to find conference rooms, plan for travel and coordinate other sessions
  3. Value – People should only attend if they will add value to the session or from the outcomes
  4. Chaos – More people means more opinions, more questions and more tangents


So, thinking about meeting attendance should take an approach from the three little bears…

  • Too few – Not enough people may not justify the cost of the meeting or have a robust enough dialogue
  • Too many – Too many people will cause chaos and will likely not meet all objectives of the session
  • Just right – The right number of people to be practical and still realize the value and objectives from the session


Unfortunately there is no prescription for a meeting that is “just right” so we will have to use our best judgment.

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