Posted by: kerrywills | October 17, 2014

Adding a New Tool to my toolbox

I have been working on large programs for nearly twenty years and have added to my ‘toolbox’ over time with such skills as Project Planning, Earned Value and Risk Management. I have recently added a new ‘tool’ to my toolbox which is superstition. The program that I am on now is very large and complex and seems to constantly have problems. I find myself becoming more superstitious each day. For example,when we are testing a capability and blocking defects get fixed, I don’t want to get too excited and therefore somehow ‘jinx’ it into not working. Or I don’t want to suggest we are past an issue just to have it come back again.



What I do know is that luck is not really something that can be used on projects. Ignoring problems does not make them go away and, in fact, probably makes them worse by the time they do get realized. So the key is staying on top of risks and issues before they become problems.

That being said, if having a lucky clover or other items will help make progress I am not above trying them either!


  1. I would suggest carrying a rosary in your pocket or putting one on your car’s rear view mirror or both.

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