Posted by: kerrywills | October 24, 2014

Course Correcting

Projects can be very volatile with frequent changes and surprises. Those that read this blog know that I am a big proponent of constant diligence and monitoring. This allows PMs to stay close to insights and understand trends as they form. Once these trends get recognized I believe it is important to take the right action or ‘course correct’ so the project stays on track to meet its commitments. This could mean a few things..

  • Change people – While I don’t believe that anyone intentionally wants to do poorly, I believe in “fit” and sometimes people are just not in the right roles. I often wind up shifting around people to get more focus in certain areas or improve the strength of a certain team.
  • Revisit scope – Scope tends to grow on projects and the team may need to revisit the scope and prioritize what is important. This is especially needed as projects get into the later stages of development and realize that they ‘bit off more than they can chew’
  • Reconsider milestones – I hate moving dates because I view them as commitments, but the facts may support this needing to happen.


All of the items listed above require courage. It is easy to keep a resource in the same role and much harder to restructure in the middle of a program. It is also easy to assume that the scope and scheduled can be met, but the reality may be something different…and it is our jobs to present the facts with support evidence to make the decisions and thus ‘course correct’ to a better outcome.


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