Posted by: kerrywills | November 15, 2013

Classic Workplace Moves: Email Solicitation

Since I haven’t wrriten a Classic Workplace Moves post in a while, I figured I would do a new one. I am finding that I get between two and five solicitations each day via a work e-mail message. These range from professional services to infrastructure sales. I am guessing that they find my name from LinkedIn or a database from when I put in a business card for a free squishy toy at a conference several years back (which seemed worth it at the time).

This seems like the worst form of cold calling; do these people really expect me to buy million-dollar infrastructure based on an e-mail solicitation? These seem only slightly more credible than the ones I get saying I am a Nigerian prince or won the Australian lottery (which, in case you were curious, neither are true…as far as I know). I believe that it is probably difficult to make business contacts in large corporations, but also must believe that this approach is incredibly ineffective and leads to a bad reputation.


I wonder what other people do – do you respond to the messages? do you ignore them? or is this the way that your company does business? If so, I have some extra PC parts laying around my house and will gladly sell them to you for $1M…just give me your e-mail address to write to.

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