Posted by: kerrywills | November 22, 2013

Judge Judy leadership style

I like Judge Judy, who is a sassy judge on Television. She looks at small claim cases in the New York area. She has been around for 18 seasons and is the highest paid television personality.


I think she is a very good leader for several reasons:

  • She tells it like it is – she doesn’t worry about politics or spin but rather speaks her mind. No one ever has to worry about where she is coming from
  • She focuses on the facts – as a judge she needs to weigh facts to make the best decisions
  • She uses levity and charisma – she has a natural charisma that makes people like to watch her and follow her
  • She tells people when they are idiots – ok, probably not the best approach in a professional environment but I do envy that ability and have many situations where I wish I could have done the same

We should also consider using this style of leadership in our jobs with a focus on honesty, facts and charisma. However this doesn’t guarantee that we will all get our own television show…

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