Posted by: kerrywills | July 5, 2013

Classic Workplace Moves: The Conference Call Speakerphone Co-Worker

Yes kiddies it is time again for another example of Classic Workplace Moves. This one is dedicated to the co-worker who sits in their cube with a conference call on speaker phone so the entire floor can hear them.

As companies have grown over time they try to utilize real estate as much as possible so most office buildings are stacked with cubes as tight as they can get. Therefore, people usually sit in cramped spaces and are probably surrounded in a ten foot radius by at least 4 or 5 other people. This makes for an interesting work experience when one of them likes to use their speakerphone to take calls. This way everyone around them can hear the important conversation around what the right data format should be for a data feed, or the most recent status of a project they are on. To top it off, some co-workers think (like my mother used to) that technology doesn’t work unless you yell into it so they talk very loudly on the conference call. Sometimes this person kicks off the call at their desk and then leaves for 20 minutes so the rest of us can hear their call.


As one can imagine (or maybe not if you have already experienced this person) it becomes very difficult to concentrate when your neighbor is doing this so let me propose some options for resolving this..

  • Bring earplugs or listen to music to distract yourself
  • Confront them on it and ask them to use a headset
  • Leave an anonymous note asking them
  • Make loud and strange noises whenever them come off of mute

In any case, I hope none of you get to experience the joy of this co-worker.

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