Posted by: kerrywills | December 13, 2013

The Triad of Success

I believe that in successful organizations and programs there need to be strong leaders in three spaces for success; Vision, Solution and Delivery.

  • The leader with Vision has a clear perspective on the strategy and approach for that organization/program
  • The leader with Solution knows how to achieve that vision and the path to get there
  • The leader with Delivery is the one who drives towards the execution of the Vision through the Solution path

The Triad needs all sides to work

What I have found in my career is that successful organizations and programs need to have leaders in all three areas to be successful. For example, a program that has solid Vision or Solution without strong Delivery means that the vision will not be realized. However, having Delivery without Vision or Solution may mean that the team is focusing on the wrong things or taking the wrong path to get there.

Usually, as Program Managers, we are the ones who are viewed as being the Delivery leaders so we should always look to find who the Vision and Solution leaders are as we need them to be successful.

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