Posted by: kerrywills | July 12, 2013

Work is Insanity

I have to admit that I have those Shaun T videos called “Insanity” where you work out like crazy for 30-40 minutes per session. The approach to these workouts is having really intense workouts with a short rest in between. I realized that it is the same approach for my work day – I go from crazy meetings/e-mails/phone calls to have a 5 minut break once in a while and then back to the craziness. This includes working from 4am-6am, taking calls on the ride in, meetings all day, calls on the ride home and then a little more work at night.


While this may be a good technique for working out muscles, I don’t think it is a very good one for my workday.  Beyond the stress and anxiety it causes I find that it takes time away from things which I find important beyond meetings and e-mails.

  • Walking the floors – I make it a point to walk the floors and stop by team members and co-workers. This is important for relationship building, obtaining status and building the trust with your team
  • Thinking and organizing – I do spend a lot of time trying to organize my thoughts and my notes so I can stay prepared and not be reactive to every event
  • Stress reduction – Whether going for a walk or just getting a cup of coffee it is good to take mental breaks

So the hard part becomes managing time to avoid the intensity. This can include focusing on critical items and pushing off or delegating the other work. To be honest, I am not very good at that so hopefully the readers of this blog have some suggestions. Maybe I should make an info-mercial next….


  1. Here’s my strategy for dealing with intensity:

    1. Make lists.
    2. Prioritize.
    3. Delegate.
    4. Follow up and update the lists.
    5. Repeat as necessary.

    The value is in the work not done. Help the team find that value!

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