Posted by: kerrywills | May 27, 2016

People don’t leave companies

I once heard a quote that “people don’t leave companies; they leave managers” which I believe wholeheartedly. I have had some pretty bad managers in my career and these are generally the times that I wanted to leave my role, organization or company. People want to feel motivated, appreciated and supported and when they don’t they will look elsewhere.


So, as managers, we need to consider this belief. If we treat our employees with respect, support and appreciation they will be more productive, more motivated and more willing to put up with the day-to-day crap that we all have to deal with.

So we should all look to be good managers….or if not we will have to work at being good recruiters because we will spend a lot of time doing that (and BTW this will be hard too since disgruntled employees tend to talk to other people).


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