Posted by: kerrywills | October 9, 2015

Be yourself

I have been in a leadership training course all week. We have had speakers come in, discussed what it means to be a leader and looked at surveys sent to the team. I truly believe that one’s leadership style has to be their own and based on “who they are.” So I think training can help “round out the edges” but generally people are who they are.  To this end I feel that when people try to be someone that they are not, the team picks up on that as people can generally tell when someone is not being genuine and then they tend to lose credibility.


So then, in my view, the key is for people to be a “conscious” leader which means to pay attention to their style, their interactions and the impact of those things on people around them and then tailor their approach accordingly. This is the whole concept of Emotional Intelligence that Daniel Goleman writes about.

So the keys to being a great leader then would be (1) Figure out who you are (2) Be who you are and (3) Be conscious of this and others as you look to lead them


  1. Hear, hear, succinct and perfectly worded 🙂

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