Posted by: kerrywills | September 27, 2013

Be a Warrior!

Last week, along with my brother and a few friends, I competed in something called “The Warrior Dash” which is a mud-filled obstacle course and race. You had to jump over fire, climb walls and crawl through mud below barbed wire. These obstacles seem similar to the ones that we, as Project Managers, have to deal with on a daily basis at work in that it seemed like there was one obstacle after another in our path and each with a different way to resolve it. Every project has obstacles whether it be issues with quality, resource challenges, difficult stakeholders or defects. In the Warrior Dash, you are allowed to go around the obstacles if you chose to. We chose to meet them each head on and tackle them directly, which is the same approach we should take on our projects.

  • We need to identify first that they are obstacles by recognizing them as risks and issues
  • Once recognized, an action plan needs to be created to resolve it
  • The team needs to mobilize around the action plan and support each other to resolve it


The key with the Warrior Dash was figuring out how to complete each obstacle and then to work as a team supporting each other to attack them together. This should be the mindset of our project teams as well. So, I encourage each of you to be a warrior on your teams!

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