Posted by: kerrywills | September 19, 2013

Victim of the Plan

I was in a meeting a few weeks back where a team member essentially said that they couldn’t do a quality job because dates were too aggressive and I remember telling them to not be a “victim of the plan.” Afterwards I thought that was a great phrase so I wrote it down as a blog topic. So many times  I hear people use schedule dates as an excuse to not do the right thing or to deliver poor quality instead of taking ownership of their work.


I believe in managing to ‘book-ends’ meaning there are some dates which can not be moved, but believe that the smaller ones in between can be negotiated (so long as they don’t break dependencies or impact the book ends). Therefore if it would take an extra week to deliver a quality product then I would support a move – however I am also sensitive to setting the precedent that it is ok to move dates just because they are difficult to meet.

People need to be professionals and recognize that there are commitments made in business all of the time and we need to do our best to meet them, but not use them as excuses or in a victim-mentality. Recognize that they are commitments and then do our best as professionals to meet them with a high degree of quality.

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