Posted by: kerrywills | July 26, 2013

E-mail nuances

There are a few nuances in e-mails which I think are very important to notice and consider when sending e-mails. On an average day I will get between 200 and 300 messages so e-mail has become an important tool in our work culture. Here are a few considerations that I have picked up on…

  • Teamwork: Having a culture of teamwork and collaboration is very important to me. Therefore I start all of my e-mails to the team as “Team,” to begin my first word with the principle that we are one collective. This is such a simple technique and yet many Project Managers do not use it
  • Signatures: I am not a big fan of putting my title in my signature as I don’t want it to come across like I am announcing to the  world my seniority. I would rather just show the team I am working on as a representation of myself and not my level (see first bullet on teamwork)
  • Succinct: Since I get 200-300 messages a day I have a “scroll rule” which says if I need to scroll to read it than it is too long…and I mean from my blackberry. Keep messages succinct and to the point
  • Organize: If you choose not to meet my scroll rule then at least organize the content into categories or bullets instead of writing a novel


So to summarize – Focus on the team and not your level and get to the point!


  1. […] Kerry Wills has some opinions on what makes for an effective EMail.  Mostly, it’s brevity. […]

  2. Hi Kerry,

    I like your point about signatures – it’s a fact that the length of the signature is inversely proportional to the importance of the person whose signature that is.

    Most of the emails I receive from very important people either have no signature or just their name. Also for some reason, important people like to use blue as their font color. No idea why.

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