Posted by: kerrywills | September 13, 2019

Taking accountability

I am a strong believer in taking accountability. A few weeks ago I was driving home and a car was coming from the other direction and was over the middle line so I edged to the right and when I did, I hit someone’s mailbox with my side view mirror. I returned to this person’s house to let them know what I had done and offered to pay for a new mailbox. They declined my offer but appreciated me letting them know (as a side note their mailbox was angled into the street and probably not as far back as it should be).


Interestingly, this weekend someone hit my mailbox during the day but did not own up to it. I was not annoyed at the $25 for a new mailbox or the time it took to replace it so much as the fact that someone would destroy my property and not own up to it. It may have been a new driver that was scared or someone who just did not care but either way it did not seem right.

This is a good reminder that, even at work, we need to take accountability for our work which includes when things go wrong. I often find myself apologizing or owning up to mistakes at work and I find this is the best way to move past them as opposed to making excuses or blaming other people.

BTW if the culprit is reading this blog, then I forgive you.

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