Posted by: kerrywills | August 30, 2019

Marketing and branding

We all have personal brands in the workplace and should try to be aware of how we are perceived. This means considering what are brand is, how do we want to be perceived and assessing how we are perceived. Some examples of a personal brand at work could include the following:

  • Being an expert in a particular technology, function or business area
  • Being seen as someone who has good insights
  • Being able to navigate the organization
  • Being seen as someone who gets things done


We should always seek to be aware of our personal brand and what we can do to influence it. For example, how we dress and interact with others could be influential in our brand. If a person wants to be seen as a team player but then is argumentative that trait would work against the desired image. We should also seek out the guidance of others to get a sense of how we are perceived so we can have a better understanding and seek to correct any possible deviations from our plans.

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