Posted by: kerrywills | August 23, 2019

Get creative

There are always problems to solve at work and especially on projects. Sometimes, we need to get creative with the way that we tackle these situations. A recent example where this occurred was on an initiative that I was helping with to set up a Digital Center of Excellence for our company. We wanted to start with an inventory of all of the websites that we managed. Like any Fortune 100 company the organization has many departments, divisions and teams and so we started reaching out to each of them to understand what they had.


We then got creative and realized that we have a Security team that monitors all of our sites and we were able to get the full inventory of 400+ sites from one source rather than chasing down dozens of people.

The point to this story is that by using some creative thinking we were able to accomplish an activity that could have taken weeks of time. We should always be thinking of innovative ways to complete activities or solve problems and not just assume that the most straightforward way is the only option.

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