Posted by: kerrywills | August 2, 2019

Buying a new car

My daughter is new 16 and has her driving permit (which is absolutely terrifying because she has not even mastered walking yet) and has started to drive. Both my car and my wife’s car are large SUVs and my daughter has been struggling to drive given their sizes. So we went to buy her a new car this week which was smaller and easier to control.

We went to the dealer and decided on the car in about 30 minutes and agreed to buy it. We came back in a few days with the payment and appropriate paperwork and then proceeded to spend several hours at the dealership. The consultant in me (with my well known OCD) could not help but to see the tremendous inefficiencies in the process…

  • Despite me sending over the insurance information two days in advance, the business manager logged in to get it from the insurance company while we sat there and struggled with the authentication information
  • Despite having an appointment the business manager ran over by 20 minutes while we sat in the lobby
  • Paperwork was selected and printed while we sat there, much of which could have been prepared for in advance


It just felt like this could have been a 30 minute transaction instead of a 2 hour transaction with a little bit of preparation and coordination. Will see if the process gets any better in a few years when my son turns 16 and I get to do this all over again!

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