Posted by: kerrywills | July 26, 2019

Do what you say

I am a big believer in having professional credibility in the workplace and that starts with doing what we say we will do. In today’s business environment there is a significant amount of work to do and we rely on our team members and colleagues to accomplish this work. Therefore, when people do not do what they say they will do it can cause problems with the rest of the team and the ability to meet our goals.


Also, as a Project Manager, I find that I spent a lot of my time following up with people on the things that they said that they would do. This then times the time away from productive work when we are chasing down people. It also seems to put the onus on the PM and somehow takes the accountability away from the employee.

For all of the reasons identified above, I believe strongly in doing the things that we said we would do. If we have a challenge and can not make it, then we need to manage expectations and proactively tell people. I always tell people when I can not make something even as trivial as not being able to attend a meeting. In business, all we have is our reputation and our credibility so we need to continue to focus on maintaining them.


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