Posted by: kerrywills | June 29, 2019

From “PMO” to “PM Own”

Every program that I have been on in my 24+ year career has had some some of Program Management Office (PMO) function. These PMOs focus on schedule management, financial management, scope management, risk/issue management and reporting. These are important aspects to tracking and reporting on the health of the programs.

I am a big believer in ownership and accountability and therefore I believe that these PMO functions should have accountability over the work and not just report on it. I remember an example where I was helping to plan a program and asked the PMO lead to help pull together the overall plan and they seemed to shy away from that ask. It seems that they only wanted to report on progress against the plan but not help to create it or even manage it.


We have to move away from functions that just track things and create templates to a model where those things are used as a means to own and manage the work. Every team member should play a role and feel accountable for the success of the program and not just report on it. Therefore, as the title suggests, the “O” in PMO should reference Ownership.

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