Posted by: kerrywills | January 4, 2019

Clarity of Accountability

I believe that the clarity of accountability is critical as teams and projects become more complex. This sounds simple and everyone reading that sentence would agree. However, oftentimes, there are meetings with dozens of people in attendance and every one of them has an opinion and feels the need to articulate it. While involvement is important, work can not be a republic of people with equal says and votes.


Accountabilities need to be clear so that it is understood who can make decisions, who can influence, who can contribute and who will do the work. We know that everyone has an opinion (I think there is a saying about opinions being like a part of the human anatomy) but that is not sufficient to get work done.

Leaders should clearly define who has accountability and then those people need to drive the work as such. Those people should solicit input into decisions, but that approach is very different than one where everyone shows up and states their opinions. In that model you only leave the meeting with a collection of opinions. But, that’s just my opinion….

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