Posted by: kerrywills | December 28, 2018

Holiday cleaning

Every year during the holidays we clean out the entire house. We spend the entire year accumulating things and don’t even think about it too much. In fact, I do not even notice it any more until this time of year when I step back to see it. By the end of the year we have amassed a lot of clutter in our house and some of it needed to go. This year we threw out about 5 bags of garbage, packaged up 7 bags of donations and gave away 2 large bins of clothes to relatives.



It always feels good to clean out everything and start the new year on a “lighter” note. I am also feeling the same way about work. We spend all year “amassing” things at work – responsibilities, accomplishments, relationships, disappointments and sometimes some drama. We should step back and deliberately “clean out” a lot of this so that we can start the year fresh with minimal garbage from the prior year. This means letting go of some of the challenges and anxieties that have worried us and focusing on how to make the new year a successful and happy one.

So, with that I will wish everyone a happy holidays and clutter-free New Year

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