Posted by: kerrywills | July 6, 2018

Italian vacation

Summer means vacation time and, in this case, we are off touring Italy. As I do with all projects, I spent a significant amount of time planning up front. The initial planning included…

  • Getting a ride to the airport
  • Coordinating the itinerary and sites
  • Confirming transportation between cities
  • Coordinating the hotels at each city, including booking an extra day so when we land we can check in and rest if we need to
  • Planning the locations to visit and the maps to get to each location
  • Booking flights
  • Preparing what we needed to pack and bring

I always say that “planning is an investment” and this was no exception. In this case, the result of the planning was a five city tour of Italy which optimized our experiences and enjoyment. Whether on vacation or running a large initiative, taking the appropriate time to plan out the approach is always an effective use of time.

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