Posted by: kerrywills | May 4, 2018

You never know….

I am a firm believer in building solid relationships at work and never “burning bridges” because you never know who you will work with or for in the future. Countless times I have seen scenarios play out….

  • Two people having a conflict and one winding up working for the other one at a later time
  • Two people not getting along and a future job opportunity reaches out to the other person and gets negative feedback
  • People switching reporting relationships – at one time Person A reported to Person B and then later on it was the other way
  • People not getting along and then being put on a team where they are dependent on each other
  • Someone working as a consultant and not being treated like an employee becomes an employee and the boss of some of those people

So my advice is to be cordial to everyone and build relationships with people. Because you never know….

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