Posted by: kerrywills | March 23, 2018

Solving problems

I am currently helping to evolve my company into using a Scaled Agile model which involves a company-wide initiative to evolve people, organizations, processes, tools and thinking. Specifically I am managing the work stream to define and document the evolved delivery model. I have been part of transformational initiatives like this in the past and what I always find fascinating is when organizations take the people who are managing the current processes and have them define the evolved ones. On one hand I understand that they know the current model and can best speak to it. However, I always think of one of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes; he said that “you can’t solve problems with the same type of thinking that created them.”

Oftentimes organizations will try to force fit their processes and approach into new models as opposed to considering what problem they are solving and how that problem can be solved in an evolved model.  This is why many companies chose outside consultants to facilitate change as they are not biased by “the current way of doing things.” If we anchor on the functions and their intentions we can then be open to determining how to evolve them.

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