Posted by: kerrywills | March 2, 2018

Team players

It is basketball season so I will continue with my insights based on coaching my son’s team. There are ten players on his team and therefore I have them set up into two lineups. One lineup has my son at Point Guard and the other lineup has another kid (let’s call him Player 2 for purposes of this post) at Point Guard. Player 2 is a very good ball handler and shooter but the problem is that he does not pass the ball to the other players and takes most of the shots. In the first game of the season he scored around 14 points and I overheard him asking my son how many he had, which was only 4 points.

As I thought about this some more I realized that while my son only had 4 points, he had 6 assists and forced almost ten turnovers which led to even more points. So while he didn’t personally score as many points, he contributed to almost twice as many as Player 2 and involved his team more which made them play better as well. This is an important concept for our teams at work as well – we should not just strive to find the best individual contributor but rather to find those people who make the entire team better. I call these people “multipliers” because they provide a multiplier effect to the productivity of the other people around them.

So, when forming our teams we definitely want some good players but we should also lookto find those people who maximize the overall effectiveness of the team as well.

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