Posted by: kerrywills | February 23, 2018

Types of people in meetings

I spend most of my work days in meetings. I have noticed that there are people who seem to have the same type of interaction in meetings. Here are some of my observed roles.

  • The Repeater – Does not really have their own opinion but rather repeats what other people say. May or may not change the wording, but it is pretty much the same content
  • The Face-Maker – Tends to make facial gestures which suggest disagreement, frustration and laughter when others are talking
  • The Preacher – Will speak at every opportunity and turn it into their own personal sermon
  • The Jokester – Finds humor in topics that may not be funny
  • The Behind-The-Scenes Talker – May not participate in the meeting actively but is sending instant messages to everyone else commenting on the topics
  • The Clarifier – They need to understand everything and interrupt often with “let me understand XYZ” even if their role does not require understanding
  • The Interrupter – Jumps in whenever they need to say something
  • The “Aint-No-Stopping-Me-Now” Talker  – The arch-nemesis to the interrupter and generally uses the phrase “let me finish” to keep going

I have seen these roles play out many times and, in some cases, several roles are played by the same person. We should all consider the type of roles that we play during meetings…or if not just sit back and enjoy the show.

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