Posted by: kerrywills | February 16, 2018

I think in PowerPoint and organize in Excel

I am obsessed with Microsoft Office products to the point where I use them as a way of functioning at work. I see many coworkers who have meetings, discuss items, draw pictures and then translate them into a document format. I tend to use online tools as a way of working. Here are some examples of how I do this…

  • When I am thinking through a concept, picture or story I start working it Microsoft PowerPoint. Because it is online I am able to move around slides, format objects or draw the pictures real-time
  • Whenever I have information to organize, I do in in Microsoft Excel. This could be making lists, comparing different options or running financial calculations
  • I capture key meeting information in a structured format within Microsoft OneNote
  • I have a running Word document open where I capture key activities or prepare agendas or questions for meetings

I believe that these are called “productivity tools” for a reason and find that using them while I work is incredibly efficient (so that I am not rewriting content) and helps me to better organize my thinking and be prepared. Now, the downside is that I am always staring at my laptop. I am curious how others use these tools for productivity.



  1. My method is much like yours, although I tend to take my notes in OneNote or Word rather than PowerPoint. For me, PP is a presentation tool, like Gantt charts. I rarely use the Gantt view in MS Project, except to illustrate a point to someone. Excel is my database of choice. I use Outlook and OneNote for task management, flagging and clearing as I go. And I set the timer in my phone when using the Pomodoro technique.

    The key to achieving productivity is to settle on a routine that is “good enough,” rather than continually disrupt your life with incremental improvements via new tools and techniques. Perfection is the enemy of good enough.

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