Posted by: kerrywills | January 12, 2018

Consider expectations

I am a planner by nature. I plan my days, organize work into logical groups, track actions to closure and create structure where it is needed. So I get frustrated when I have situations where the expectations are not clear; here are some examples…

  • Meeting invitations that do not have agendas or objectives – I do not know what they are, how I should prioritize them against conflicts or what I need to do to prepare for them
  • Action items that are unclear without specifics or dates – I do not know what the specific action is, when it is due and who needs to do it
  • Long e-mails filled with run on sentences – It is not always clear the purpose; if this is meant to be informational or it requires a specific action or decisio
  • Escalations of risks or issues without a clear impact or path to resolution – This seems like just dumping something on my desk as opposed to a thoughtful dialogue on impacts, options and recommendations

So we need to consider the intention and expectations when we are interacting with other people. This means being clear on purpose, being specific with needs and articulating expectations of actions and timelines. Without doing this, it is likely that the intentions will not be met and there will be implications to our projects and then no one will meet expectations.


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