Posted by: kerrywills | December 22, 2017

Take a walk

Even though I spend most of my work day in meetings, I make it a point to go for a walk every day. Some days I do this between meetings and some days I take calls during my walk (which is actually more focused than I would usually be since I am not distracted by other things). I am fortunate that my work campus has a walking trail but in bad weather I walk around the building.

I find that going for walks gives me several benefits…

  • It gets me out of my office so I am not stuck there for 8-10 hours
  • In invigorates me to smell the fresh air and get the blood moving
  • It is healthy for me
  • It mixes up my day
  • It helps me clear my mind or even solve a work problem by thinking through it

Sometimes we get caught up in the daily routine but this is an easy way to re-energize, get some exercise and change the view. So, take a walk…the work will still be there when you get back.

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