Posted by: kerrywills | December 8, 2017

Playing to strengths

For those who read my blog, you know that I coach my son’s basketball teams and often compare that to the work that we do. I just got a new team this year and have exactly ten players which means that I can have two lineups. After a few practices I made my lineups based on the strengths of the players. For example, my first lineup has my son at Point Guard with two other athletic players because I know that Matt (my son) has the ability to pass and find other players. The other lineup has a kid who doesn’t like to pass the ball and takes a lot of shots (many of which he makes). I put the tallest kid that we have on this team so he can get rebounds in case the other kids miss. My thought is to align the players who compliment each other’s styles together to maximize the effectiveness of the team.

I also believe this is important in the work environment. For example, I believe that teams which have “visionary” strategic thinkers need to be balanced with people who can get the work done. Another example is aligning consultative resources with more technical resources who may not be the best at organizing or communicating.  Leaders should seek to understand the strengths of their team members and look to compliment them on teams with the intention of maximizing effectiveness.

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