Posted by: kerrywills | November 10, 2017


In business, stewardship means contributing to the company in which one works. When I think about stewardship, I think of “caring.” I care about the company that I work for and want to make it better. People who provide stewardship do much more than just their assigned job and function. Several examples of stewardship are listed below:

  • Mentoring junior employees
  • Recruiting new talent into the organization
  • Participating in additional initiatives to improve operating models or processes
  • Proposing solutions to make the company more efficient
  • Counseling peers on ways to approach their work or solve their challenges

When we provide stewardship we are adding incremental value to the organization beyond our work. For example, mentoring or peer counseling can help other people become more productive. Recruiting can help bring in augmented talent that will make the company better.

We should care about the companies that we work for and strive to make them better. It is a satisfying feeling and it helps with the future of the company (truly making us ‘stewards’)


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