Posted by: kerrywills | September 29, 2017

Creating team rosters

I coach my son’s basketball teams and this year his team only has eight players.  In this league the players must have equal playing time. In past leagues I have seen coaches try to make real-time decisions on who should play each of the eight periods and what always happens is that some kids play 3 in a row and are exhausted while others sit for several periods and don’t play. So this year I decided to create an algorithm to determine the rosters in advance assuming 8, 7 or 6 players in case someone does not come to the game (which we usually do not know until game time). The image below shows the scenario with 8 players (A-H) across 5 positions and 8 periods to get equal playing time without playing too many periods in a row.

We can apply this same type of thinking to our projects where we have a long “game” ahead of us and need to understand how our team will perform through the entire lifecycle and ensure that no one gets burnt out and that each team member is optimized for their skills (i.e. their position). By spending the time up front to understand the project and the team members we can optimize the team and increase the chances of “winning the game” or completing the project.


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