Posted by: kerrywills | September 8, 2017

What does your desk say?

I was recently waiting in someone’s office to have a meeting with them and when I got there I immediately noticed that there were papers piled everywhere and the white board was covered with words, notes and diagrams. My OCD started to kick in and I was getting anxiety just sitting there. I have an innate need to organize, structure and have order which I believe benefits my professional life as a portfolio/program manager.

This got me to thinking about if there is a relationship between how our desks look and how we think and operate. For example, my desk is clean and organized with a few items placed out in an organized manner and my work style is to be organized and structured as well. I suspect that people who have papers and piles everywhere are more “unstructured” in their thinking and approach and maybe like to see details and all information before acting. I am not suggesting that one way is better but it would be interesting to study desk organization and professional competencies as I do believe that there is probably a correlation.

What do others think?

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