Posted by: kerrywills | September 1, 2017

Dental and security monitors

One of my favorite recent commercials is for a security product where they have a security guard who tells people when there is a robbery but doesn’t help them during one since he claims he is only a “security monitor.”  They have another one with a dentist who tells the person they have a bad cavity but won’t fix it since he is only a “dental monitor.” Sometimes in large companies I feel that we have a lot of security and dental monitors – they monitor things and tell people about them but don’t help to do anything with that information.

In a model that focuses on value and agility, companies can not afford to have many of these monitors and yet every organization I have worked for is filled with them. If our programs manage with diligence and transparency then information is available to be pushed out which means we do not need external monitors. This allows the organization and the program to focus on delivery and addressing any risks or actions related to meeting commitments. Programs that struggle to react to these requests likely need to focus on how the operate yet many times companies will just add more monitors rather than addressing the actual problems.

So let’s hire more competent dentists and security guards and less “monitors.” I wonder if we now need someone to monitor that hiring approach to report on it.

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