Posted by: kerrywills | August 25, 2017

Making points with facts

In my book on delivering successful programs, I identify eight guiding principles. One of them is to focus on the facts. I think that it is  important to use facts and metrics when making points to people. For example, this week I was explaining to someone how complex one of the programs in my portfolio is. I could have just said “it is complex” but instead I noted that the technical solution touched 149 applications and spanned 28 organizations. Using metrics demonstrates the points better than just stating them.

To this end, I keep a document with key statistics and measures that I can use during updates or executive conversations. These include…

  • Percentage of test execution
  • Key milestones and deliverables
  • Key business metrics such as progress towards goals
  • Program financials such as cost, breakdown and variances

By using metrics, they effectively demonstrate points and establish credibility so keep counting! BTW this blog has over 65,000 hits, more than 300 subscribers. and 422 posts.

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