Posted by: kerrywills | June 30, 2017

The art of the offsite

In business and projects, we love to have offsite meetings. These are great opportunities for people to come together and collaborate which is important given the complex nature of our work and the dispersed geographies of team members. But it is not enough to get everyone together in a room for three days; it must be planned and run properly to be effective.

Here are a few pointers for having a productive offsite meeting..

  • Planning is critical – have stated objectives and an agenda that aligns to meeting those objectives
  • Plan for breaks – sitting for long periods of time can be torture so ensure that there is time for breaks
  • Consider attendees – the meeting should have the right people there so that work can be accomplished but not so many that it becomes disruptive or ineffective
  • Consider location – in some cases being at a different location, even if down the road, allows people to stay focused
  • Timebox conversations – this way one topic does not take over the entire meeting (unless that is the plan)
  • Capture actions – there should be takeaways with specific actions, names and dates to follow up
  • Communicate – let other team members know key discussions, decisions or actions as appropriate
  • Follow up – ensure that the actions are completed as agreed to

I am sure that there are others, so maybe we can have an offsite to plan them out.

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