Posted by: kerrywills | June 9, 2017

Running my pool

Summer is here and that means time to start and and run my pool. Running my pool is like a project with its own lifecycle…

  1. Planning and setup – I have to get the pool opened which means putting all of the pieces together, assembling the pump, cleaning out the entire pool and getting the chemicals right. This yea, my “issue” was having mice in the heater which ate some of the wires which needed to be repaired.
  2. Running – Once set up I have to maintain the pool. This includes checking and adjusting the chemicals, ensuring the right water level, cleaning it and making sure that the systems are up and running when appropriate. And don’t forget maintaining all inflatable animals and chairs.
  3. Closing – Once the summer is over we have to drain the pool and take the equipment apart for storage. I also do a “lessons learned” to make sure that I have a successful project next year.

So the kids get a summer of fun with their friends and I get another project to manage. But at least I have my floating chair…

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